Sending Son for USC Popular Music audition with his drummer


<p>We live in western mass and are sending our son (with his best friend and drummer) for his USC Popular Music Audition. He has to have 3 to 5 songs prepared (according to the audition email). They provide a list of instrumentalists for hire. He has to hire a bassist and possibly a pianist. Has anyone ever done this? I cannot fly out his entire band for the audition!! On top of all of the stress, my husband was just laid off. So, who knows how the financial aid will factor in.</p>

<p>I worry that this is a waste of money as I see that there are very few acceptances. He has a 4.1 GPA average and 800 critical reading, 690 math, 760 writing and two subject tests around 780ish. His songwriting stats are good and he has two songs placed in a movie. But, with all of that, who knows if he will get in.</p>

<p>Anyway, any advice about the actual audition and hiring of additional musicians would be appreciated.</p>

<p>LA is a long way from western mass! After this it is on to Miami SOM, Belmont, and Berklee.</p>

<p>Thank you for any advice during this stressful time. Did I mention my son is in Africa volunteering at the moment and I, the NON MUSICIAN, am trying to coordinate this?</p>

<p>Wow - that is complicated. We were just at USC yesterday - my D is a vocalist - and noted how much more difficult this process must be for instrumentalists who have to transport their instruments. We saw several carrying/rolling upright basses & wondered how they even fit in the car. They did provide a piano accompanist for my D, but not sure how that works for Popular Music. The many many music department folks who were there were exceedingly helpful - I would think you could call next week & they would give you any information / suggestions they can. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Hi there!!! My son is a senior in the Pop program. First of all, I"m wondering if your son really needs all those instruments. They will really only be looking at your son and what he offers. Does he really believe he can’t showcase that without his entire band? Most if not many students audition without bands, even if they have them. Songwriters often only have their own guitar or piano. Singers as well. What track is he applying for (I’m assuming songwriting)? It’s may also be possible for him to enlist kids in the program to play with him, without a fee. I know my son has done this, although only with local kids with whom he has plenty of time to practice.</p>

<p>Also know that your son’s stats make him completely “acceptable” to USC’s music department, provided they see what they want in the audition. His grades and test scores are fine!</p>

<p>Thank you both for your comments/advice. At this point he is just going to hire a bassist and he has his drummer. He put a call into the school today to see if he can locate a bassist for hire. His audition is this Sat. Nothing like waiting until last minute!!</p>

<p>Check your PM’s finallyfit5. I sent you a message.</p>