Sending Teacher Recs Early

<p>If I am applying RD but want to send in teacher recommendations in advance, will Stanford still keep all my files in order until I actually submit my application? Or is there some benefit to holding on to the recommendations and submitting them all with my application (near then end of December)?</p>

<p>I think Stanford asks that you not submit recs until your application has been submitted, but they do create a file for you if your recs are sent before.</p>

<p>Stanford creates a file and matches up the documents when everything is in</p>

<p>asks not to submit recs before app is sumbitted?</p>

<p>Im applying SCEA, and at least one of my recs have already arrived </p>

<p>does that have any disadvantages, such as thinking i'm too lazy or something?</p>

<p>No, you are overthinking it. One of mine got sent in early by mistake and they said it really didn't matter.</p>