Senior Classes Next Year?

I’m a junior and have to decide classes for senior year and want some advice. A little background, in my school the rank of classes goes Accelerated (highest), honors, standard, and then starting junior year there are 2 ap classes offered, ap lang and ap us history, then senior year there are ap courses offered for almost all classes. Freshman year i took all accelerated, except honors bio. Sophomore year i took all accelerated. This year I’m taking AP us history, AP lang, the rest accelerated. For next year I think I’m going to take AP Bio (which is 2 periods), AP Calc, AP Lit, and then I’m trying to decide if I should do AP Gov or AP spanish??
Which do you think would look best for colleges? Or, if they both look equally the same, which would be easier?

Go with Ap spanish, mastery or studies in a language is valued on an applicants transcript. I was in between Ap spanish and spanish 5 honors and I decided to go with AP Spanish because the people at my school who get into schools like Harvard and Princeton full ride take the highest level language offered.

AP Spanish, if you had to choose one. But if it’s possible to do both, do both!

I bet they also have financial need :stuck_out_tongue: