Senior Course Selection Advisement

Language: AP French
Math: Regular Calculus AB
English: “Holocaust Lit.”^ and “Women’s Seminar”^
Religion: “Peace Studies”^ and “Church Women”^
Requirements: AP Government^* and Speech^*
Extra: AP Statistics
Extra: Physics

^one semester courses
*required courses

Here is what I think I should be taking in my senior year. I go to a Catholic school so the religion classes are mandatory, but I do have other options for religion classes but Im not sure if colleges will really look at what religion classes I take. I’m not sure if I should take AP French my teacher says its more like a culture class but you have to be quick at French, I have taken 3 French courses. I am hesitant but i’m not sure what else I would take because there is no French 4. I am scared to take an AP Calculus course because people make it seem so hard and same with physics. I have an extra class so I just put in AP stats because it interests me but i’m not sure if there is something else I should be taking that would make me stand out on college applications. Please leave ant suggestions and ask any questions that would help. I am not sure what I want to pursue in college, but possibly law.


It really depends on where you want to go. Do you have a preliminary college list?

I want to go to a liberal arts college.

Do take regular physics.
Keep the other courses (French, English seminars, religion, Gov’t, Speech)
The only questions are:
Do you take Calc AB or Stats?
And what other elective can you take?

Calc AB IS harder than AP Stats. Some LACs (NESCAC level) will prefer Calc. However since you’re interested in the Humanities (assuming* you’ll major in English, Political science, History, Foreign Language, Philosophy… with perhaps an Economics minor) you would not be as expected to take calculus as if you wanted to major in STEM.
In addition,you must make sure your background is adequate. How are you doing in Precalculus? What does your teacher say?
If it looks like you’ll get a B or higher in AP Calc (based on current performance+teacher) AND you’re aiming for top 30 LACs, take it. Otherwise, take AP Stats and get an A.
For your elective, take something related to history, English… in order to reinforce your profile as a future Humanities major.

  • You can go to Law school with any major, as long as it emphasizes close reading and writing.