senior GRADE

<p>will it look really bad if i got all A's and senior year got a C in econ cp? i slacked off and was wondering if it affected my chances alot?</p>

<p>I have the same question...but I didn't slack off, I got one in AP Physics because my teacher is a bastard & doesn't care what grades his students get...and I wrote a letter to the admissions staff myself and had my guidance counselor send one explaining the situation. Eh?</p>

<p>they want to see that you maintain the high gpa that you had throughout high school. to be safe, dont get senioritis :)</p>

<p>and 1 C wont automatically reject you. just dont get straight Cs</p>

<p>How would it look to go from straight A's to all B's and two C's?</p>

<p>don't worry about it, I'm pretty sure we're all in the same boat here. i was terrified for about a month when I got a 62 on a calc test, but to be honest, i really stopped caring.</p>

<p>Yea, I got a 72 on my calc midterm, then c's pretty much on every test thereafter. I'm more intent to get a 5 on the AP exam than anything else.</p>

<p>^ well at least you'll be able to prove yourself with a 5 on the ap exam, unlike me, who will get a 1. :D</p>

<p>I doubt I'll get the 5, maybe a 4, yea...I'll start aiming for that 4. It's good to be a realist sometime.</p>

<p>1st semester senior grades do matter like any other years', but second semester grades don't matter much. However, if you do get terrible grades second semester, you might get in trouble after you get accepted. Just put decent amount of work into school and try to get at least Bs or few Cs.</p>

<p>how about try to get As? if you end senior year with no work ethic at all, its going to be hard to re-adjust when you go to whatever college.</p>