Senior Grades

<p>So I had a bad marking period this past marking period. My grades aren't as stellar as usual; at worst they are 3 As 2 B+s and a C.</p>

<p>I applied ED yesterday and I just found out about these grades, they were great a week ago before the parent portal went back up. </p>

<p>I'm just looking to see how much Middlebury will factor these grades into the application process, this last report card is really my only weak point. My schedule this year has 5 APs and 1 honors. I feel as though I had a really great chance before these grades and I was just hoping maybe someone could let me know what they thought might happen. </p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>You (and all other ED applicants) will get a request for mid-term grades in a week or 2, at least that has been the experience in the recent past. It is not optional. I suspect that the reason they do this is to ensure that their ED candidates maintain their academic standing even when it would appear not to count quite as much. It would seem to me that this is a comparatively small piece of the overall application, but the impact of a less than stellar mid term performance is hard to quantify.</p>

<p>It looks bad to me-one girl on the athletic board for Midd 2 years ago had a letter threatening her ED acceptance be rescinded when her grade in BC calc dropped from an 81 to a 79....</p>

<p>Better look at some ED2 schools. Maybe have your teacher send a letter if one score or some extenuating circumstance caused the C.....</p>