Senior Grades

<p>I know that UF checks ur final transcript, so i was wondering if any1 knows what kind of grades r acceptable for ur senior year.</p>

<p>No D's or F's, and few if any C's I'd say. It all comes down to how bad they want you though, if you're a NMF than theres no way they'll kick you out for a couple C's, but if you were boarderline to begin with and your final year is straight C's, I might be a little worried.</p>

<p>Thanks Dan.
I was wondering if anyone on here actually knows of people who were at first accepted and then got denied because of their senior year grades and what grades did those people actually get?</p>

<p>I know it happened to people from my school last year, but I never asked them what the grades were to get the acceptence recinded</p>