Senior grades

im freaking out what do I do. I have a c+ in ap statistics and a in my other classes, except for a b in chem. Im applying to emory, nyu, gwu, northeastern, bu, Penn State, umd what are ny chances im applying as an international affairs major. I am also a senior year, Im so scared

my ecs Hello everyone,

I am currently working at CDC (Center for Disease Control) in the communications division, I am Co president of the Diversity Council, I am a Head of Tour for Admissions. I have also started my own initiative with my sibling focused on helping young children, we’ve helped over 900+ individuals. I have worked at UKAID similar to USAID but the British version. I will have taken 8 AP classes by the time I graduate. I am doing an independent study on female political representation as well. Please share thoughts

my weighted gpa is a 3.99 also

Spend a little less time on the ECs and more time on AP stats and Chem.

The ECs are all great, but you need to actually figure out what is not clicking in AP stats and get back on track. It will not get easier as the school year goes on. You have time to get that to a B before the end of the semester.


Unweighted gpa? Test scores? I assume these schools are affordable for you?

I plan on going test optional. My unweighted gpa is a 3.7. I will not be applying for financial aid

I plan on going test optional. My unweighted cumulative gpa is a 3.7. I will not be applying for financial aid

I think GWU, UMD and Northeastern are reaches, as you gpa is on the low side for these schools and you don’t have test scores. Do you have any safeties?

Penn State doesn’t look at senior year grades, so you should be okay as long as you graduate. Have you already applied there? Early Admission deadline was Nov. 1 and Priority deadline is Nov. 30.