Senior Grades

<p>have been told that colleges can rescind their acceptance if they choose. In their acceptance letter, they say that they except flying colors and to keep our grades up. I was wondering if anyone knows Harvard's policy on rescinding your acceptance based on end of senior year grades. For example, since they get mid-year grades, they know how we do in the first portion of the senior year. I am worried that an A- may have dropped to a final grade of B or in another class, a B+ may have dropped to a B. Is this grade drop going to make Harvard rescind someone's acceptance letter or do colleges mean a huge drop to be from an A to a C-?</p>

<p>Or even better, can anyone offer me insight to your end of year grades? (How low were your grades in the end of senior year that still allowed you to go to Harvard?)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>you definitely woudlnt be rescinded for a B</p>

<p>what if all my grades came to a B?</p>

<p>You need multiple C's and D's to get rescinded. All B's is still pretty safe.</p>

<p>All B's ftw!!!
seriously, it takes a C to get them to notiCe and a D to rescinD.</p>

<p>its funny... I've really stopped trying and a couple of my grades have gone up (lol a couple have gone down to though) so it evens out in the end</p>