Senior Grades?

<p>Does nyu ever indicate anywhere in print exactly what GPA they want us to maintain during our senior year?</p>

<p>curious as well, will a C among A's kill me?</p>

<p>no it wont kill you :)</p>

<p>My friend maintained an 80 average during the second semester of senior year and they didn't say a thing about his admission to Tisch. Try not to have any dramatic drops from what you usually receive and you'll be fine. Don't worry too much about the numbers -- NYU seems to be pretty lenient.</p>

<p>bump...does anybody know for sure?</p>

<p>i think my GPA is about to go down .03 on the 4.0 unweighted scale which is a bit scary. but hey, i have taken 8 classes total this year and 5 APs. i am so stressed i am pulling my hair out.</p>

<p>um. you are kidding right? .03? you might as well send in your deposit to the community college because you are def getting your admission taken away.</p>

<p>I think the poster meant a decline of .03
not necessarily an overall gpa of .03</p>

<p>a .03 would be a tough sell though :)</p>

<p>i know. it was sarcasm... i hate it when people freak out about 3.97's.</p>

<p>oh ok</p>

<p>personally my gpa has dropped 1.2 points from 4.7 to 3.5, but those are quarter grades, not semester grades and I'll try to bring it up to a 3.67 by the end of the year :)</p>

<p>haha, it doesnt really matter... my mid-semester was a 3.4 from a 4.0, and they still let me in with merit money. (granted.. weighted it was still a 4.0 because my 3.4 was pretty much the fault of high A's and 89's.)</p>

<p>what if i got in with a 3.4 and end with a 3.0?</p>

<p>shouldnt hurt too bad.. they cant expect it to remain the same!</p>

<p>what if i got in with predicted IB marks of 7,6,6 and dropped down to a 6,5,5 or 6,4,4?</p>

<p>The IB predicted marks are inflated anywayz...</p>

<p>okay, you are all freaking me out now!!
well, actually i was scared of this b4...i got a 70 in AP english last semester, but this semester I'll get above a 90 probably. They let me in w/a Latin grade of a 70...last semester it went up to 80 but this semester it might go down to a 70 there a problem?
i'm paranoid. I got 3 APs and in my school they are sooo hard. As in any school, i guess.</p>