Senior in High School, looking to narrow down and finalize college list

Hi, I’m currently an Indian girl in her senior year of high school.
My GPA is a 3.4, my unweighted is a 4.5. By graduation, I will have taken 5 AP’s and 6 honors/accelerated classes. My school is a public school, but it is very competitive and the curriculum is infamously tough-we were even featured on CNN recently.The GPA’s are a little deflated. I also suffered a lot with personal and social issues, and still deal with anxiety on a day to day basis, so high school has also been tough because of that.
SAT(superscore, planning to take once more): 2220
ACT: 34 (what I got on a practice, I’m not sure of the actual test)
AP Language and Composition-5
AP Psychology-3
As for extracurriculars, I’ve been in Junior Varsity and Varsity Golf for 3 years, my school’s Theater Company for 4 years, FBLA for 4 years, and a Business Associate for my school newspaper for 3 years. Theater has been my passion since freshman year, I have been part of both the cast and crew, as well as theater classes offered at my high school. My talents in golf are average, not enough to get a scholarship. I’m very involved with FBLA, from participated and placing in Regional and State conferences, to becoming a Gold member, to working on school and state committees.
I volunteer at a local animal shelter for the past couple of months and have volunteered at a hospital for mentally and physically disabled kids. I do aquatic therapy, which is basically therapy in the form of swimming and exercising, as well as teaching kids how to swim on their own. I also have done numerous walks and volunteering gigs for my aunt’s company.
I did a summer law program at Columbia University over the summer and received many connections both domestically and globally, as well as a great recommendation letter from the college professor.
I also was a People to People Student Ambassador, and traveled to England, Ireland, Wales, and France and volunteered abroad and met people of different cultures.

Colleges I’m looking at: NYU Stern, Colgate, Emory, Claremont Mckenna, Rutgers, UC Berkeley, Washington University, Boston College, American University, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Vassar College, University of Texas Austin

Major: I’m split between business and liberal arts; for the liberal arts schools I want to pursue an Economics and (maybe) English degree, and for the business school I’m focusing on management,econ,or finance.

What are my chances

I assume you mean weighted GPA is 4.5? And to confirm, you are a U.S. citizen?

Honesty, your GPA seems low for CMC, Berkeley, and UT. But if your school has Naviance, take a look to see how others with a similar profile fared.

We have naviance, but it’s helped me only just as much as any other college stats site has. We don’t have the option to do what you’re talking about. And yes I’m a U.S Citizen, born and raised. and yes my weighted is a 4.5-I understand that my GPA is low, but I thought that colleges may understand because my school has deflates gpa’s

What is your state school?

Might look at a school like Holy Cross in Massachusetts-very good academics and HC has lower level golf program. Holy Cross is similar to Colgate. HC’s location is 1 hour from Boston.

Rutgers University-it’s a safety, 85% of in state students who apply are granted admission