Senior Member please help! FAFSA help line gave 2 conflicting answers

<p>I am so confused....</p>

<p>We have 12 colleges total, the first 10 that I did I sent into FAFSA with the "Will File" status. Then I deleted those 10 and added the other 2 colleges with the "Will File" status. Now we have completed my taxes (efiled them) and changed the status to "Already Filed" with the two colleges listed at the bottom.</p>

<p>The question we called and asked the help line was... Does this update all 12 or only these 2 colleges?</p>

<p>When my sister called the FAFSA help line to ask if this would automatically update all 12 colleges to the "Already Filed" status they told her YES it would update all the colleges. I remembered reading on here that it would not update all of them. So, then I called the 800- 433-3243 FAFSA help line and they gave me a completely different answer. They said that NO it would not update all 12 and that I needed to go to the "correction history" choose the old one with the 10 colleges on it and update that status to "Already Filed".</p>

<p>Then they further said that on Sunday I needed to go back to "correction history" again and use the tax "retrieval tool" for the first ten and then do the same process again for the other two. Is all this really necessary?</p>

<p>What is the correct and fastest procedure? </p>

<p>I am so frustrated, I am now missing deadlines at many colleges for additional financial aid sources.</p>

<p>Thank you,

<p>Yes, you must go through and relist the 10 (and resubmit).</p>

<p>Yes, depending on school policy, you will need to use the retrieval tool (won't be available until about 2 weeks after the taxes were efiled.</p>

<p>Not using the retrieval tool is not holding up your deadlines. Just do as soon as you can.</p>

<p>When you go to log in, there is a point where you are asked if you have a transaction number. Your first FAFSA you submitted is 01; that would be your first 10 schools. Your second FAFSA, the one where you deleted the 10 and added another 2 schools, is 02. When you updated this last time, you updated transaction 02. Now you need to go in and update transaction 01. Keep track of your transactions. Your first ten will be transaction 04 after your updates, and your second two will be transaction 03 after your updates. This is important to remember in case you ever need to make more changes.</p>

<p>I was a financial aid officer until recently.</p>

<p>Thank you both for your responses. I have now updated my status on both transactions.</p>

<p>Can someone please give me detailed instructions or tell me where to get the instructions on using the Data Retrieval Tool? </p>

<p>I went to FAFSA and did a search and printed out "How the parent Data Retrieval Tool works"... however it is not very helpful nor does it give detailed instructions.</p>

<p>Thank you,

<p>The tool is not ready yet; rumor has it that it will be on Sunday.</p>

<p>When the tool is ready, if you have "already filed" as your filing status, there will be a question that asks if you want to link to the IRS. If you choose to link, you will then have to agree to transmit your info from IRS to FAFSA. Don't forget to sign with student & parent PIN and submit!</p>