SENIOR PANIC! Schools like NYU, CMU, JHU, Tufts, Barnard


<p>I thought I had my college list set, but my dad said he didn't like my safeties (thought they were too safe) and wanted to add some more.</p>

<p>These are my matches right now:
NYU Stern, CMU, JHU, Tufts, Barnard</p>

SUNY Stony Brook, Drexel, Northeastern</p>

<p>Any suggestions for additional safeties/matches?
I want: urban, 3 hours from NYC max, strong in business/economics
I don't want: Georgetown, BU, Boston College, UConn, any big sports/party schools</p>


<p>It might not be considered a safety if JHU is a match, but George Washington is slightly easier to get into and maybe that's your dad's point----that someplace slightly easier to get into should be added rather than having a big jump between the "matches" and safeties. Lehigh is known for business and within 3 hours but I guess doesn't meet the urban criteria and may be sportsy. If you're thinking Tufts is a match your SAT score (math + verbal) must be 1450 or more?? If you are right at their median (1420 ish) I wouldn't call it a match.</p>

<p>You could look at some of the business-oriented schools in Massachusetts: notably Bentley and Babson. Neither is precisely urban, and they are probably just beyond your desired geographical range, but they are very close to Boston and not even faintly rural.</p>

<p>My math+verbal is 1500, but total 2290</p>

<p>I've always thought of George Washington as a humanities/IR school. Is that wrong?</p>

<p>I visited Lehigh, and didn't really like it. A family friend goes there.
Bentley and Babson - ok, worth a look. I don't want to apply to too many colleges, so easy applications (no/easy essays) or replacements for Tufts/Barnard (my least favorite) would be great.</p>

<p>I'm not sure I'd say GWU is "slightly" easier to get into than JHU. Last year JHU had an acceptance rate of 18%, and the acceptance rate for GWU was 32%. The middle 50th percentile of accepted studends at JHU had SATs in the range of 2030-2300. For GWU, it's 1900-2100.</p>

<p>GWU is more comparable to Northeastern, so it might still be too "safe". But it's hard to find something that's a good in-between option.</p>


<p>University of Rochester sounds like it would be a really good school for you, and would probably fall between a match and a safety.</p>

<p>@ellopoppet - I had actually looked at and visited U of Rochester. My only concern is that its a little far, but I might still apply there.</p>

<p>Does anyone know how big the frat scene really is there?</p>

<p>Make sure that your safeties are definitely affordable. Admission with insufficient financial aid is equivalent to rejection.</p>

<p>frat scene at rochester isn't that big as far as I know.</p>

<p>I know that 2 of my safeties would likely give me a National Merit scholarship, one would give merit/legacy scholarships, and the third is an affordable in-state school.</p>

<p>Villanova (Philadelphia) -- near Philly, reasonable sports scene (only "big time" when it comes to basketball. American University (in DC) has Kogod business school and a good safety.</p>