Senior picture advice

We are having family pictures/senior pictures taken outside tomorrow (may be rescheduled due to rain/temps around 87 degrees-eek!) What is some advice and things to bring. So far, I have a mirror, brush, water, sunglasses, decorative blanket w/ hometown and zipcode on it for her to sit on in some photos, letter jacket. Tips for a hot day? Thanks!

When D had her senior pics the photographer had her bring some “props” that represented her interests. Stuff like a program from her theater shows, piano music, a robot, etc… she also did some clothing changes but I don’t know if that would be practical outdoors.

Thanks @jhonmike and @momofsenior1

The photographer suggested bringing a blanket to hold up while D changed. We are planning to have her go to the car and change under a blanket there. Not ideal, but should work. I thought about having her favorite book with her. She had some pics taken with her violin…I don’t know that she wants to do that again.
Any other tips/suggestions?