Senior Schedule help?

<p>I am contemplating whether taking AP Psych or AP Stats. The senior year schedule I plan to take are:
1. AP Physics
2. AP Calculus BC
3. AP Literature
4. AP Psychology or AP Stats
5. Chemistry
6. Government.
Which of the classes is easier? Which would look good better? Also, I was thinking of taking AP Chemistry with this schedule. Would it be manageable to do? Is AP Chemistry a difficult class? I can take Chemistry at a community college, so I can be eligible to take it my senior year. Thanks for the advice.</p>

<p>IMO, ap chem would only make your schedule unnecessarily hard. You already have physics and calc. I'm in Chem, psych, and stats right now as a junior and personally find psych the most interesting. But in the end only you know what is best for you :)</p>