Senior Schedule! Very Important!

<p>Im a rising senior attending a competitive public school in Connecticut. Im almost certain (90%) that I will be applying to college as a BioMedical Engineering Major. This is my proposed Senior Schedule.</p>

<p>Ap English Language
Ap Calc AC
Ap Stats
Ap Pysch
Ap Bio</p>

<p>Self Study AP Micro/Macro and then maybe APES</p>

<p>The problem arises when I take physics into account. I just found out recently that no physics class would fit into my schedule for next year. Essentially, my guidance counselor gave me three options.</p>

<p>1) Don't Take Physics - He would write in my letter of recommendation the circumstances, but in actuality it would only hurt me. I would enter college as a proposed BME major without any background whatsoever in Physics.</p>

<p>2) Take Physics Over the Summer - Not really an Option because of a Summer Job</p>

<p>3) Take Physics at a Community College/ University in the Fall Semester - This is most likely the decision I will make. However, one question I have is whether to take the course at a top 100 university, or a community college. I personally believe the university path would be harder making my senior year more strenous with my already difficult courseload, but would also look better on a college app. Basically, the community college decision would be easier, but with less potential payoff come admissions time.</p>

<p>Overall, I have two primary questions. Should I bother to take Physics at all? (Would this hurt me applying to top 25 schools in the country [Other Stats in Line]) Also, should i choose the University or Community College Route. Sorry for the long post but quick replies would be appreciated.</p>

<p>I would say, since it seems you've never taken honors physics or anything, definitely take option 3- at the community college.</p>

<p>Just an idea...why don't you drop AP Stats and take Physics instead? You're already taking AP Calc.</p>

<p>SKIP the AP Psych!!! Colleges usually don't even give you credit for that class, and most high schools don't even have decent teachers who teach that course. I say: go back to your GC and ask to have a few switches. AP Physics is very helpful to have, esp for a MBE major.</p>

<p>Ap English Language...good
Ap Calc AC...absolutely
Ap Stats...drop it if necessary
Ap Pysch...drop it for sure
Ap Bio...good to keep
AP Micro/Macro...why do this, to test out of this in college? Colleges don't "need" to see an overabundance of AP courses. If you only had a total of 6-7 that's sufficient for most selective colleges.</p>

<p>I agree with limabeans. You can't really not take physics as a primary high school course. It's a core curriculum course. Working to fit the course in after you've set up a schedule with electives is not the best approach. Better, if you insist, is to take the AP Stats, or Psych, or Economics at a CC or not at all. But not the other way around.</p>

<p>I'm unclear though why even if you make all these switches you'll end up with 2 science courses. Where are the other core curriculum courses -- such as history, and foreign language?</p>

<p>Limabeans - Thats exactly what I was thinking about dropping AP Psych, but even after fiddling with that option, Physics wasn't working. Also, Economics is a subject which has really interested me so I'm really just studying it for knowledge and then taking the AP exams for the sake of proving I have done some work.
fogcity - In our school, Psych would fill the history requirement (since it is social sciences/ humanities) and foreign language I am dropping for senior year. I'm not too worried about that decision since I already have a few national awards in French. </p>

<p>Thanks for the quick responses guys!</p>