Senior Schedule

<p>The time has come when I need to select my classes for senior year, and my parents seem to disagree with my course choices. I am currently planning on taking AP Calculus, AP Spanish, AP Economics, AP Psychology, Honors Theology (Religion is required at my school), and Standard English. With this schedule, I cannot take a science course because there is no time that I could have lab. I am currently in AP Physics B. I am sure that I am going to study some type of business in college, so I really want to focus in that area with my studies. I am having a problem agreeing with my parents, though, because they think that I cannot drop both history and science. I have tried to convince them that Psychology is a social science course.</p>

<p>I plan on applying to schools such as Villanova, Georgetown, Boston College, etc., and my GPA is in the mid-nineties. I have not taken the SATs yet. Does my desired schedule seem rigorous enough for these schools, or are my parents right? Should I be taking a history course next year?</p>

<p>What does science have to do with business-math connection? I think either schedule is fine. As for your parents, maybe you could get your counselor to talk to them?</p>