Senior Schedule

<p>Hi, I'm a junior and am not sure on what classes to choose my senior year</p>

<p>Currently I am taking:</p>

<p>AP Calc AB
Standard Psychology
AP Language and Composition
Honors Spanish IV
Honors/AP US History (my school requires honors 1st semester and AP for the 2nd semester)
Honors Chemistry
Scientific and Technical Visualization I</p>

<p>For my senior schedule I was thinking either:
AP Calc BC
AP Chemistry (everyday all year long)
Honors Physics
Honors English IV
Principles of Engineering (weighted as an AP course (6 quality points for an A))
Civil Engineering and Architecture (weighted as an AP course (6 quality points for an A))
Aerobics I</p>

AP Calc BC
AP Chemistry
AP English IV
Principles of Engineering
Drafting I (easy elective)
Literature and Film (easy elective)
Racquet Sports (easy elective)</p>

<p>The other APs offered at my school include:
AP Bio (everyday, all year long), AP Physics B (everyday, all year long), AP Earth Environmental, AP Government, AP Statistics, AP Psychology</p>

<p>I have heard that AP Chem is really tough, so I don't want to overwhelm myself. (However, I got an A in Honors Chem last semseter)
I want to become a Biomedical Engineer, but I have an open mind to other types of engineering.
The colleges I am considering include: NC State, Virginia Tech, and Georgia Tech
I got an 1810 on my last SAT back in Oct. (570 reading, 650 math, 590 writing). I am planning on taking it again in April.
I am ranked 2nd out of about 500 students
I have done 2 engineering internships
I actively tutor students at school and children at the local library</p>

<p>Any advice on my schedule and/or college admissions is greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>my GPA is 4.7895 weighted and 4.0 unweighted</p>