Senior schedule

<p>hey check out my senior schedule do u think top colleges will see it demanding and rigorous?? Btw, im looking mostly at top lacs and want to major in the humanities. Not taking a science will hurt bad?</p>

<p>english literature ap
macro economics ap
statistics ap
french literature ap
european history ap
spanish literature ap</p>

<p>this is not on block schedule so its tough like every day to have hw for every class
also, will taking 11 aps throughout hs help show that i challenged myself academically even though my grades are not top notch? thanks</p>

<p>It looks good to me. If you're not interested in science.. there isn't much of a point taking it senior year (as long as you have the credits needed to get in). You're courseload seems rigorous enough to me. Good luck!</p>

<p>I think it depends on where you are going and what you want to do there. No math and no science will hurt in some respects, but I don't think admissions officers could look at your schedule and think you aren't challenging yourself.</p>

<p>If you are aiming for the most selective schools, check their requirements. Many will want you to have 4 years of math and 4 years of science. Of course if you took AP calc and couple of AP sciences as a junior, you'll be fine skipping it your senior year. Actually, math will not be a problem, since stats is a math class...</p>

<p>uuf yea, i thought stat counted as a math classs..... i took calc ap in junior year yes but haven't taken any ap science mainly because i didn't want to, and this year i couldn't fit it in the schedule....i have checked requirements, and most seem to say 4 years math 3 years lab science (chem, bio, physics) which i did do so looks like im saved there...
thanks for the responses, any more?</p>

<p>Stats is a math class, so that's okay since you already used up the curriculum w/ calc ap; if you are majoring in a science, you might want to rethink this; if not, i suppose it's okay; it's your choice :)</p>