Senior Transfer to UW Seattle?

<p>Okay so I already attend UW Tacoma but I am unhappy with the social aspect of the campus. I know its still new and much smaller but I want more. </p>

<p>The story:
Originally I was to apply to UW Seattle after leaving my community college but my mom was to have a surgery around the beginning of fall quarter and with my dad deployed she needed me there to help with my little sisters while she was on bed rest. So I decided to just apply to UWT and yeh I got in. </p>

<p>In the midst of wanting to transfer,I am also changing majors. Long story not happy with my current major so I will have be spending more time in college anyway to complete those reqs. </p>

<p>I just want feedback on the situation. Should I apply? I'm not exactly sure what UW Seattle is looking for as I have seen some of the "Chance me" threads and stats of people who did not get in. I've also heard rumors that the Admissions Office there looks down on people transferring between campuses.</p>

<p>I don't know what your stats are as far as GPA and such but if you have a decent enough GPA you'd probably get in. As far as changing your Major though you would want to talk to an advisor either at your campus or the seattle campus because I know that UW Seattle won't allow you to change Majors after you've reached a certain number of credits (135 credits I believe) That's basically the point of no return...</p>

<p>I spoke to an Informatics Advisor and he didn't say there was anything wrong with me changing majors. I asked him about it a few times and he even created a DAR for me under their major. </p>

<p>Only thing with 135+ credits is you have to pick a major. I'm taking the pre-req classes this fall and applying for Winter. I'm currently working on my personal statement. Wish me luck. If I don't get in I'll be crushed but at least I know I tried.</p>