Senior Year / AP Calc vs AP Stats

<p>I'm currently a rising high school senior and becoming very interested in nursing. I am approved for AP Calc and AP Stats- which will be more beneficial to me when colleges are looking at my transcript? I've heard people say that Calc is generally more favorable than Stats, but have also heard that Stats is the only math class you really need for nursing. I've already taken precalc. </p>

<p>Classes for next year (so far):</p>

<p>AP Bio (double period)
AP Calc or AP Stats
AP Comp Gov
H Latin
H Philosophy and Spiritual Texts (English req)
Chorus (Graduation req)</p>

<p>Also, is it worth changing anything in the aforementioned? I know anatomy and physiology is the one thing really missing from my transcript, but according to the teacher there is much emphasis on it during the remaining weeks after the AP test...</p>

<p>I don't think AP Calc or Stats would be as helpful as AP Chem or Anatomy & Physiology. However if I had to choose between Calc & Stats, I'd recommend Stats.</p>

<p>Yeah, my school won't let me take AP Chem because I need a math credit, plus that music credit I put off...</p>

<p>Does AP Bio help at all?</p>

AP Bio and Stats should help for next year. Good luck!</p>

<p>I took precal this past year, but I had an amazing opportunity to mentor at a nearby hospital. This affirmed my interest in nursing-- and after checking the Gen. Ed. requirements for the schools I'm looking at, as well as what courses are required in certain nursing programs, I found that one of the classes I was required to take was Statistics. So I enrolled in Elementary Statistics at my community college this summer, and just finished the class with an A! :) So so happy, and it was a great decision for me.</p>

<p>I'd definitely say stats over calculus :)</p>

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