Senior Year AP Classes

<p>So I've decided to take three AP classes for my senior year. I'm sure about taking AP Calculus and AP Psychology but I'm not sure what AP science class I should take. I'm caught up between AP Physics and AP Environmental. I have two days to decide on which class I want to take. I want to take AP Physics for the experience of learning but I did not take Honors Physics yet and I feel like it would be very difficult (before you ask, the Honors physics schedule doesn't fit with my classes). I've also heard the workload for AP Physics is a lot, and with the unavoidable senioritis, I believe my grades would suffer. AP Environmental, on the other hand, is a much easier class that, in my school, is a GPA booster with a much easier workload. The questions are, would I need physics for college? (I am undecided as of now but I'm thinking about the mathematics or medical field) Should I take the easy way out my senior year with AP Environmental? or should I challenge myself with the risk of a bad grade with AP Physics?</p>

Envsci is a joke</p>

<p>APES is a joke… i took it this year as a junior along with physics. If I were you I’d take AP Physics it looks better</p>

<p>I don’t know why, but unfortunately, colleges love to see Physics on a transcript. I already took my physics freshman year because I was told to. If YOU don’t think you can handle AP Physics, then don’t take it. AP Physics is a really difficult class and something one should not take lightly. Don’t take AP Physics if you know you are probably going to get a bad grade. On the other hand, I know some students who take Environmental science seriously. This question is really for you. What is more interesting to you? Would you like to learn about how things work, or about trees growing in your backyard?</p>

<p>Well the only thing I’m afraid of is that AP Physics would be too difficult for me since I have not taken Honors Physics yet. I am definitely interested in the topic but for my senior year, should I go easy on myself or should I challenge myself? Do colleges really look at your senior year grades and classes?</p>

<p>Colleges will look at your seniors year grades and classes. You don’t have to take AP Physics Senior year, you can take Honors Physics.</p>

<p>APES is not a joke people. I worked my butt off just to get a B. At OP’s school it probably is though based on the description</p>

<p>Now that I got that out, don’t take APES and AP Psych at the same time. The AP exams are the same day. Unless your school gives you a break in between exams, don’t do it.</p>

<p>^ If I recall, APES and AP Chem have their AP exams on the same day, and AP Physics is later on.</p>

<p>However, AP Psych and APES have their exams on the same day (first day of AP testing).</p>

<p>It depends on which AP Physics. A lot of people consider Physics B to be the second easiest AP science while Physics C is the hardest by far. If you’re decent at math Physics shouldn’t be too hard. I’d take Physics because colleges definitely want to see it and APES is pretty pointless, honestly.</p>