Senior year AP classes

So I have a course plan for my senior year: art( hobby), US Gov( graduation requirement class), AP Chem, AP calc BC, AP literature, seminar and one more.
I want to choose between AP physics 1 and AP psych, which one should I do? If you have experience, pls share!

Have you taken any level of physics yet? If not, I’d suggest physics. If you already have taken a year of physics, then whichever you prefer would be fine.

What is your potential major?
As mentioned, have you taken physics?
Are you interested in psychology?

Between Calc BC and Chem, this is already pretty demanding. If you are planning to go into natural sciences, engineering, etc., then Physics would be better if your guidance counselor feels you can manage - but for business, comp sci etc., Psych would be just fine and allow you to better focus on Calc BC

What majors are you interested in in college?
What colleges are you interested in?
Have you completed level 3 or 4 of a foreign language ?
Have you taken honors physics or freshman physics?