Senior Year AP's

<p>This is my senior year AP's Im going to take. I have an A in all my pre-ap classes except for English in which I have a B+. Do you think this is overkill lol? Im already spending a good 3 hours a night to finish all my hw.</p>

<p>AP Calc BC
AP Physics C
AP Chemistry
AP Comp Sci
AP Lang
AP Gov</p>

<p>Im planning to go in to engineering so thats why I have so many math and science ap's.
I also have another question. Does AP chem need memorization and does Physics C require intuitiveness.</p>

<p>at first that seems a bit too much but in reality, i think it's do-able. The physics and chem might be a bit hard together but if the other classes are easy so eh :/</p>

<p>AP Chem requires memorization.</p>