senior year class schedule

<p>Hey guys I need some input on my senior year classes, that I registered for.</p>

<p>AP English 4
AP Government
AP physics
Pre calculus

<p>Is this an overload or no??</p>

<p>That's definitely doable if you think you can stay away from senioritis. AP Physics B would be somewhat challenging mathematically if you only have trig under your belt. If its AP Physics C you are looking at taking, drop that immediately. You need a strong calculus background to succeed. AP English and AP Gov are fairly easy courses. Assuming you want a decently hard schedule, it looks fine to me.</p>


<p>You'll be fine, just go into it knowing that both Physics and English can and probably will be extremely demanding as far as time goes, if not as far as brain activity goes. The AP English classes at my high school are challenging just because of the workload and number and quality of essays you must produce. Physics (B - as bigproblems said, don't try to take C) is hard in that there is an enormous breadth of material. Almost no depth, but you will cover EVERYTHING and I've found that to be extremely challenging. Consider reading bits and pieces of an AP study book beforehand to get a jump-start.
Pre-calculus may also be hard. Mine was harder than my Calculus AB and BC classes, because the math is so nonsensical and inapplicable (well, not trig, that's pretty easy). If you find yourself falling behind in that class, go in for help!
Otherwise, no problem :)</p>

<p>Well I am taking regular physics right now and its pretty easy, you just need to study a bit and teach your self.</p>