Senior Year Classes (How many APs)?


I am a rising senior who plans to major in business/marketing or communications in college.
I want to make myself a competitive applicant for the schools I am applying to (top 40 USNWR), yet I am stuck on how to structure my senior year schedule in terms of AP and honors courses. Last year I took two AP classes/three AP exams (AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Calculus AB).
This year I am taking AP French and AP Calculus BC for sure, but I am unsure which courses below will look best on college applications. (The rest of my application is Honors-level academic courses).

AP Statistics
AP Computer Science
AP Government/Politics

What will prepare me the most for my intended majors/what will be best in an application? Are three AP courses senior year adequate?

Consider your total schedule over your four years of high school.

Four years worth of English composition and literature completed? Colleges typically want to see that.

All three of biology, chemistry, and physics completed? More selective colleges may prefer to see all three of the main sciences.

Any art or music? Some colleges may like to see that.

I think AP Gov, AP Stat, and journalism or speech/rhetoric would be most beneficial to you.

I agree an AP Lit or Lang would be a good idea if either is offered at your high school.

I will have taken all three sciences (bio, chem, phys), four years of english, four years of math + electives, art, and US/World history and economics. I have also taken two languages for all four years.

What AP classes, if any, are left to take at your school?

@dnstudent26 we have most ap courses that are available.

I’d say AP Stats and AP Gov

I agree, AP Stats and AP Gov would look good and prepare you well. However, if you only want to take one more AP, I don’t think it will make or break your application.