Senior Year Classes

<p>So I am currently a junior and my schedule right now is:
AP Chemistry
AP Psychology
AP Lang
Spanish 3
Precalc Honors</p>

<p>My overall gpa is currently a 4.33 and I'm rank 22 out of 809 after completing the first semester of my junior year. I have applied for my senior year classes. For my senior year, I'm planning on taking these 5 classes, but I need one more class:</p>

<p>AP Lit
AP Gov/Econ
AP Calc A/B
AP Physics C
AP Bio</p>

<p>So my question is what sixth class should I take? After talking it out with my counselor, she told me I should do early dismissal as that will boost my GPA, but do colleges look down upon early dismissal, despite my 5 APs? Should I just do early dismissal or should i take another class just to fill up the gap? Also, the colleges I want to apply to are UCLA, UCSD, and UC Berkeley, so I want to know if the UC system looks down on early dismissal despite the fact that I'm taking 5 APs my senior year as opposed to 4 my junior year.</p>

<p>Take Spanish 4.</p>