Senior Year Classes!!

<p>Hey guys</p>

<p>I am going into my senior year and I was just wondering what the standard number of courses to take is. Right now I'm signed up for 6 classes (1 math, 1 history, 1 science, 2 englishes, 1 judaics) and I was just wondering if that's a good amount to take. I don't want colleges to think I'm slacking off (I will have 2 study halls) but I was advised not to take a seventh course. So is six okay?</p>

<p>Since every school has a different schedule (for example, my school has six one hour classes per day), it varies. Make sure you are taking the toughest schedule you feel you can handle without looking like a slacker- how many AP's are you taking?</p>

<p>I'm taking 2 APs (Literature and Calculus) but I go to a small school that doesn't offer that many. There are AP science courses but Biology doesn't fit into my schedule, and I like Physics but I'm worried that I won't have time for it (I got an A in adv. physics junior year but I also spent several hours a night on it, and I'll have theatre after school every day this year). If I choose to take a seventh course I could take Statistics (not AP) or a second history, or physics.</p>

<p>for senior year i am taking
2APs(Poli Sci/Enviro)
2Honors(Creative Writing/MassCommunications)
1 Regular(Math)
then lunch and free period</p>

<p>i talked to my councler-i prob went in six times to change my classes-every time i went in i asked her if colleges would look at my schedule and think i was slacking off-she assured me that they would not</p>

<p>after all its senior year and i do want a life....</p>

<p>Meh, I took 4 APs my senior year.</p>


<p>what are your exact classes? Plain english classes - like mythology CP, would be far less rigorous than AP English, . . .</p>

<p>Yeah, I don't know if I'm the best to give advice. I'm not taking math or science next year:</p>

<p>-AP English: Lit and Comp
-AP European History
-AP Microeconomics
-Bowling (for P.E. requirement)
-German 401/402 (I'll take AP test, though)
-Newspaper (Editor-In-Chief, baby!)</p>

<p>I might add English Shakespeare, Creative Writing, Sociology or Philosophy. I haven't decided.</p>

<p>My classes:
Ap Calc
Ap Lit
Poetry (doubling up on english courses because I like english)
Global Conflict (AP history courses aren't offered to seniors at my school)
Judaics (required at my school)
Modern Physics (not AP but still challenging)</p>

<p>So the question is if I should take a seventh course....what do you think?</p>

<p>I heard 5 solid academics subject.</p>

<p>That's really a question only you can answer. Your taking six classes, which is generally considered a full schedule, you have all the core subjects down (Math, Sci, Eng, Hist) and in the end, only you can know how much [ and how much of what subjects] you can handle.</p>

<p>What did you do for foreign language?</p>

<p>I did three years of hebrew and last year i got my credit for hebrew level 5, which is currently the most advanced level my school offers.</p>

<p>Are any of the non AP classes honors?</p>

<p>no, but since most of them are optional to seniors there aren't honors and on-level for those classes....there is only one modern physics class and typically only advanced students are taking it. same for global conflict and poetry and judaics....</p>