Senior year classes?

I am an upcoming senior (class 2023), and I am kind of confused about the classes that I want to take, so I think that I am currently enrolled in " Medical terminology ECE, Supa Writing, History honors, Algebra 2 (because I’m stupid), a gym class, Supa Psychology.
I’ve only taken 1 AP which is French. I want to be a nurse.
Are these classes good? I realized that I haven’t taken that many AP classes so I’m worried.
And also should I take AP Literature or Supa Writing.

I don’t know what “supa” is but have you taken 1 year of biology, chemistry and physics yet? If not, add that to your schedule. I would also say AP lit over writing.

Supa is offered by Syracuse University plus my teacher did recommend me for writing. I wasn’t recommended for Bio

If you want to be a nurse, don’t stress out too much. A person can become an RN at a community college, then do an RN to BSN to MSN or NP or DNP program. Or they can start out at a direct admit BSN program at a public or private college. If you wanted to go to (and pay for) Penn or Duke nursing, that would be a different story. But the reality is that there are so many non-selective nursing programs available, that you should be able to find a nursing program that fits your stats.


There is a nursing sub-forum here. You might want to post on that forum (as well as browse it) since its frequented by those with an interest in nursing as a career. See Nursing Major - College Confidential Forums

Have you spoken with your guidance counselor? Your HS should be able to offer advice on what classes to take given you know your career direction.

One thing I’d suggest you try to do this summer and next school year (if you haven’t done so already) is to get exposure to nursing thru either volunteer work or a paid position. You’d test drive a car before buying it, a career is a much longer commitment! Hopefully it will turn out it’s a great fit for you but you’re better off finding out now.


Talk to the school counselors and career counselors at your school so you are taking the correct combination of classes to prep for nursing. With just getting to Algebra II senior year, the math assessments most colleges have you do for placement may push you into addition pre-requisite math classes for nursing courses or even college level Chem. There is a lot of math in nursing and the related courses, so you may want to take one next summer to be on track and give you more confidence. Math during Covid school was tough and you are not alone in not feeling like you are solid in that area. Use Algebra II to build a solid foundation, if you feel yourself getting behind or confused ask for help.

Medical terminology will help prep you as well. Keep that one.

I spoke to my counselor but she said that it is up to me but I am only confused about which English course that I should take. A lot of people say to take AP Lit.

Only you can decide whether you can take the AP syllabus or not. I have same situation with my kid (DS24) who told me he cannot take AP US History and chose regular one.

All the best for whatever courses you select.