Senior Year Course selection comp sci

Struggling to choose courses for 12th grade that would help me get into a college with strong computer science program. current GPA including Half year of 11th grade 3.5 unweighted 4.4

Courses that I already took in 9th grade

English 1 H
finished algebra 2 H and geometry H
French 2
Computer science 1
AP human Geo
Biology H
Arts 1.

10th grade

English 2 H
Precalculus Honors
AP world history
Physics Honors
AP computer science principals
Computer maintenance

11th Grade
Gifted Talented AP American studies AP Lang AP US history (2 credits combined course)
AP Calculus (struggling here so don’t want to continue calculus)
AP Chem
AP Psychology
Advanced computer sciences
Spanish 2

12th grade selections so far

Spanish 3
English 4
Ap US Gov and AP Economics (half credit each)
video programming possibly

I’d add a science course. AP Physics if it’s an option.

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I did Physics honors last year which is sort of AP Physics in my school district

In college, you will likely have to take math up to the following for a CS major:

Calculus 2 (AP calculus BC covers similar material)
Linear algebra
Discrete math
Probability and statistics (probably calculus based)
Multivariable calculus (if the CS major is engineering based; probably not if it is liberal arts based)
CS theory courses that are like math courses

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thank you for the reply

What about AP CS A?
Any technology course at your school, database processing, etc?
You need 1 science/STEM course in there. I would replace video programming and ARTS2 with STEM courses and keep only one of these as an elective.

If you don’t like calculus, you may want to look into less theoretical programs, such as Information Science/Technology, Informatics, or Computing.
For example:

If you could please clarify the “liberal arts based”. Based on the courses I have taken and my better performance in Verbal writing part, would it be easier for me to get into liberal arts college with computer science Major. If yes, do you know any good ones.
thanks for helping

By “engineering based”, that would typically mean a CS major program based in an engineering division, with typical additional requirements like additional math and non-CS science that engineering majors are typically required to take. “Liberal arts based” CS major programs typically are found in arts and science type of divisions or at colleges that do not have engineering majors, and do not generally include additional requirements typical of engineering majors.

Note that “engineering based” CS majors are more likely to be ABET accredited for CS than “liberal arts based” CS majors, since ABET accreditation for CS requires some non-CS science. ABET accreditation does indicate a minimum standard of quality for the CS courses, but many non-ABET-accredited CS major programs are good quality as well (though some are poor to marginal quality). ABET accreditation can matter if you want to take the patent exam.

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I did AP computer science last year and taking ADV computer science now. I guess my option now is cybersecurity and mobile App programming or video gaming. I wont be taking any science course. Scared

You list AP Computer Science Principles. AP Computer Science A is a different course and probably much more meaningful for a CS applicant. If your school offers it, that seems to be an easy recommendation.

Maybe AP Physics 1 or 2. Very unlikely AP Physics C. Is this offered?

To be most attractive to a college, Spanish should be Honors, English should be AP Lit , Stats should be AP Stats, etc. But you need to make a call on a courseload that you can handle. Five AP courses this year, if you’re managing it, indicates you could handle at least some/most of these.

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As has been mentioned, AP CS Principles is one level (discovering all the different facets of CS, IST, etc) whereas AP CS A gets into the nitty-gritty of programming, which will give you a better overview.
If your school does not offer AP CS A, then Cyber security and Mobile App programming are better choices than Video gaming.
Have you looked at the links I provided?
Once you’ve found 5 programs you like, run the NPC (Net price calculator) on EACH college. You’ll see very different results… that you’ll need to discuss with your parents.
If you didn’t take AP Physics 1+2 and don’t like math, yes you’re better off taking CS through either an IST school or through the CLA, because CS through Engineering requires lots of math and physics since the core is Engineering.
Note that CS is NOT Engineering and does NOT need to be “ABET accredited” (which is an engineering accreditation)) - most of the famous CS programs aren’t.

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Principles is more of an overview, while A is more of diving into the field.

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean overview of the field, but overview of what a student starting 1st year courses for the CS major would have to be able to do.

Perhaps the difference between CS principles and CS A can be seen analogous to the difference between these two courses: (full past semester: CS10 | Fall 2019 ): Introductory CS course that gives an overview of the field, for non-CS majors and possible (but not necessarily sure) CS majors with little or no computing experience. : Data structures course for CS majors, like a more difficult version of AP CS A.

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