Senior Year Course Selection

<p>Hi guys,
So I want to go to CMU for their Computer Science program. But the thing is, on their website it says they require:</p>

<p>1 Year of Physics, 2 Years of Biology, Chemistry, or Computer Science</p>

<p>I'm able to fulfill these requirements by next year if I do AP Chem and Physics HN. Here is my schedule as planned so far;</p>

<p>AP US Gov.
AP Lit.
AB Calculus
AP Chemistry
Physics HN
AP 2-D Studio Art (two classes)</p>

<p>But the thing is, I want to take AP Computer Science next year.... My situation seems helpless (darn Junior year schedule mishaps...) But it doesn't hurt to ask.</p>

<p>Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Have you considered taking physics online during the summer? Or, does your school have some sort of independent study program where you could earn credit without physically (no pun intended) taking the class?</p>

<p>Yes, the county does offer physics (regular) online. However I’m afraid that the CMU admissions board would rather prefer a whole in depth knowledge of Physics rather than a month.</p>

<p>What’s stopping you from taking AP Comp Sci senior year?</p>

<p>I have no space on my schedule… :frowning:
My schedule got messed up this year so they put me in classes I didn’t want to be in. Like photojournalism. Waste of time… My school is strict with schedules. Once it’s made, it’s made. Do you think I would still be taken seriously by prestigious colleges if I’m enrolled in lenient classes? I mean I’m in 3 AP courses at least.</p>