Senior year courses - inconsistensies

<p>A few weeks ago I filled out the current year courses section with the 6 classes I'm enrolled in at my high school. This is the list that appears on the teacher recommendation form that I gave to my teachers. Rice U will get one of these forms (their policy).</p>

<p>Recently I decided that it might be best to add the community college math course that I'm currently taking in the 7th slot. Should I submit the common app with a list of 7 classes, or 6? I'm afraid that if the list on my common app is different from the list on the teacher forms, admissions will be suspicious.</p>

<p>Note: The Common App print preview option for Rice does include the list of current year courses, which is mainly why I'm asking.</p>

<p>Id say add it into the additional info, or call the admissions office and ask them to add a little note in your file saying youll be starting this new math course for 2nd semester. Or just add it to the 2nd semester in the 7th slot</p>

<p>It's actually a course that I just finished last week, sorry, and I'm planning to send a transcript as soon as grades are available (which may be after the application deadline).</p>

<p>I've already mentioned this in additional info, so maybe I should leave it out of the current courses list? The thing is it was one of my main academic courses first semester, but eh.</p>