Senior Year Courses

Hello! I’m a prospective premed student, and currently a senior in high school. Because of a scheduling mistake, I’m now taking Physiology rather than an AP science class. My current Schedule is:
AP Gov
AP Spanish
AP Econ
AP Literature
AP Calc AB

Last year I took AP Chem and APUSH (my school only allows students to take APs starting junior year). I’m planning on taking Physics at my local community college during the fall quarter. For EC’s, I am involved in research at the college that I’m applying to REA, and have been doing research there for the last year. I’ll be getting a LOR from my PI at the time of admissions.

Will my lack of an AP science class during senior year hurt my admissions?

Thank you in advance!


Having already taken one AP science class, you’re fine (assuming you’ll have at least one class in Bio, Chem, and Physics by graduation).