Senior Year Curriculum

Course selection for senior Year coming up. Social science or humanities major applicant to HYPS level schools.

AP Engl Lit
AP Comp Gov
AP Calc BC or Stats (which?)
AP Art History or Enviro (which?)


Will have taken APUSH, AP Spanish, AP Euro, AP Calc AB, AP BIO, Honors Chemistry, Honors Spanish Conversation which is the most rigorous allowed through junior year at school.

If you’re looking at course rigor, Calc BC will be looked upon much more favorably than Stats.

AP Art or ES is a toss-up - whichever you prefer.

This is already a rigorous schedule for senior year. Calc BC is harder but it won’t make a real difference on your college apps. Choose what you want!


Statistics will be generally useful, but if the student wants to take more advanced statistics (calculus-based) in college, then taking AP calculus BC would be more helpful for that than non-calculus-based AP statistics.

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Thank you! Any sense on workload between Art History and Enviro if both of interest?

Great answer. She is undecided between social sciences (other than economics) and humanities, probably leading to creative writing, law and/or academia. Psych and perhaps sociology academia are the only paths which would seem to require calculus based stats in those paths. Agree?

Any social science may find more advanced knowledge of statistics helpful, although most colleges only require basic non-calculus-based statistics in their non-economics social science bachelor’s degree programs.


I would personally choose the environmental science class because, depending on how many other science courses you have taken, colleges will see that you are passionate about science and not bouncing to random AP courses just for the credit.

^This student is not applying for STEM and is already taking Physics.
The curriculum shows consistency and rigor.
I would take AP Stats and AP Art History, rather than AP Calc BC and APES. If you can handle BC+ Art History that shows the most rigor, but showing rigor in the field you’re interested in (Humanities?) would make AP Art History a must.
Stats for sociology will be Algebra-based. For economics, it can be either way, with calculus based required if she’d go for a PHD in Economics.

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Best answer! Thank you all

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How about AP Econ instead of Comp Gov?