Senior year final grades please help !

<p>Im an upcoming student to one of the state universities in Florida called ( FSU) , during my senior year i only took honors and an AP course . however in 1 of my classes i ended up with a D+ for some irregular circumstances . All my other classes where A's and B's including the AP class wich was an A fist semester and B second semester . I was concerned that my admission could get rescinded because of this issue , concidering the fact that this was a statistics class that i was taking just for the sake of taking a math course my senior year ( i previously completed my math requirements by the time i was a junior taking up to Pre-Calculus) and i had a 690 in the math section of the SAT i dont know if it really is something that would get my admission revoked .</p>

<p>I have never gotten a D in any other previous year in high school , i wasent planning on getting this one but we got screwed over by some grimy teacher giving D's and F's to seniors in his class .</p>

<p>i would really apprecciate any comments , on previous experiences like this</p>

<p>PS : my other classes werent P.E or drawing , they were honors courses and AP </p>

<p>Thanks again for your help i really apprecciate it</p>

<p>Have you contacted your teacher, asking for an explanation? Or perhaps your counselor?</p>

<p>yes sir , we tried really hard to get our grades bumped to C's , guy was such a prick i got a 69 in the class he wouldnt raise it , its my first D ever in high school im very concerned but then again all my other grades were A's and B's i have no show of a downward trend watsoever during my senior year. That D looks more like a nonsense in my report card.</p>

<p>I would hope that FSU would have contacted you by now if they had an issue. It would be ridiculous to contact you later and screw your admission right before college started. I'm sure you're fine, you're almost out of the woods!</p>

<p>well i sure hope they dont contact me right now about this , college is less than 2 weeks away. I did called FSU and reported this grade a very long time a go so is no surprise for them whenever they get the final transcripts ( if they havnet gotten them yet) . Like i informed them about this issue as soon as it happened because i was so worried , i didnt hide anything from them , i just hope i dont get anything pulled on me last minute i just wanna be there already so i can safely say im not gonna get rescinded , is such a stressfull situation.</p>

<p>Good call on letting them know ahead of time. Have you contacted the admissions officer? He/she could give you a definite answer.</p>

<p>All the say , ( they even said it to me on an e-mail ) is " typically we do not rescind offers of admissions for 1 poor grade in a class , keep working hard and finish up strong your senior year " , but thats not a definite answer , she said "typically" , as i said before the only blemish on my senior grades was that D in statistics everything else is how it should be , i might be extra paranoid , but ive worked so hard im just not willing to risk it .</p>

<p>You'll definitely be fine. I've known plenty of people with a bunch of C's and D's and nothing happened, even though they didn't offer any explanations nor contacted the admissions office. You've done both of these, and I can't think of a reason why they'd rescind the offer. Besides, if they're going to rescind your offer, they would have done so a long time ago.</p>