Senior year gpa question

<p>Does UCLA require a 3.0 UW gpa both semesters of senior year? or is it an average 3.0 UW throughout the year? im worried because i had a 3.33 first semester and might end up with a 2.83 this semester.</p>

<p>just dont get any Ds or Fs. Or 3 Cs. However, my friend got a D his senior year in physics honors and he still went to ucla</p>

<p>Just wondering, but where is this no more than 3 Cs thing coming from? On the provisional contract it just said no Ds or Fs and 3.0 UW. I'll get a 3.0 UW+ both semesters for sure, but I do have 1 class locked in as a C and one class teetering on a B and a C. I also had 1 C first semester.</p>

<p>Here is your answer. You can also find it in your contract
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<p>Does no more than 3 Cs mean 3 Cs is ok, 4 is not?</p>

<p>We're</a> going to be in college soon, right?</p>

<p>^Ah very clever Heavn. However, I'm not confused with the wording of "no more than 3". I'm confused with the multiple conflicting comments that I've read.</p>

<p>no more than 3 C's means that 3 A's + 3 C's = 3.0, so if you get 3 C's + 1 B or worse, then your gpa will fall below 3.0 and you will probably be rescinded.</p>

<p>There isn't a magic number for how many Cs you can get. UCLA provisional admission contract is stated in such a way that you can assume the 3.0 UW is for the year (I think the word used was "overall" senior year grades or something along that line). The 3.0UW GPA is calculated using a-g courses only so depending on how many a-g courses you have, you can only get so many Cs before your GPA drops below 3.0. Of course, there is no D or F grades allowed in your a-g courses.</p>

<p>here it says "3 or more Cs"... <a href=""&gt;;/a>
What if you have 4 Cs during senior year, but are above a 3.0?</p>

<p>Lol, yeah 3 or more would mean u can't get 3.</p>

<p>Whatever, I'm not gonna get 3 Cs, but this is confusing</p>

<p>No, like 2 Cs first semester, 2Cs second semester, but more than 4 As total, so it is above a 3.0.</p>

<p>You can report the Cs and see what the campus does or wait until your transcript is reviewed in July. UCLA is going to find out one way or the other. I generally recommend reporting the grades early because that gives you a little bit of time to work out the problem with the campus or come up with a backup plan.</p>