Senior Year Grades and Geneseo

<p>A friend of my daughter's who had historically been a strong student (top 15-20% of the class, very challenging class schedule, with excellent ECs) developed a severe case of senioritis in October. By the end of the fall semester she was receiving "Fs" in two core subjects and withdrew from both classes. At the halfway point in the current semester she is failing another core class. Everyone was surprised, then, when she received an acceptance from SUNY Geneseo a couple of weeks ago. </p>

<p>Is this indicative of Geneseo not putting much emphasis on senior year classroom performance? Or is this student perhaps skating on thin ice with Geneseo's admissions office and just not giving her friends the full story.</p>

<p>they may not have seen her senior year grades at all. i don't think they asked for midyear reports.
so if she wants to go there (or anywhere she gets in for that matter) she might want to be worried about whether her acceptance will be rescinded -- offers of admission are generally conditioned on the student satisfactorily completing their senior year -- there are always stories that go around about kids who get their offers rescinded -- i have no idea just how bad they have to do for that to happen.</p>

<p>That's interesting iamhere. Is the practice of not requiring midyear grades specific to Geneseo or don't any of the SUNYs request midyear grades?</p>

<p>no they don't require</p>

<p>I thought they did. I know Binghamton does.</p>

<p>For those searching the archives, no Suny Geneseo does not take into account Midyear reports.</p>

<p>What a shame for students who are still working their behinds off throughout their last year and do not catch a case of Senioritis.</p>