Senior year grades?

<p>My CC acceptance letter said that in order to keep my acceptance, my senior year grades must be "equal to or better than" the grades I have gotten in the past. What does this actually mean? Do I really have to maintain a high GPA - or do I just have to avoid completely slacking off? I was hoping to relax a bit second semester, get mostly Bs, maybe even a few Cs...</p>

<p>I just read this...well, they probably mean the final grade, not each individual quarter/trimester/semester grades so hopefully the grades you got in the first semester will keep your final grade from being too low. But this is something I'd also like to know...</p>

<p>For what it is worth...My straight A High school senior ended up with a 75 in IB Physics for second semester sr year. Rest of his grades stayed pretty good. He is now a Colorado College sophomore.</p>

<p>I would recommend you take the admission committee's warning seriously. And overall drop, or more than one C, could result in the revocation of your acceptance.</p>