Senior Year Grades

<p>I recently requested that my senior year grades for first semester be sent to UD. However, I was wondering how to find out if they received them. Does anyone know?</p>

<p>Call the admissions office - don't leave a voice mail - try to get a live person. They've been very helpful - they'll look up your file and tell you if it's there.</p>

<p>SENIOR YEAR GRADES MEAN NOTHING AT UD....decisions are made without regard to them</p>

<p>wow - really? I got a much different impression from everything I heard/read. how do you know that?</p>

<p>cause i'm a freshman at the university.... i got straight A's last two marking periods of senior year and didnt get an increase in my scholarship and i have a friend who failed a bunch of courses last two marking periods of senior year and didnt get his admission revoked. TAKE THE TIME TO RELAX</p>

<p>I'd deem that questionable counsel in any scenario, and not because of any potential revocation of an admissions offer, although that may be one ramification that I'd not choose to risk based on what I wrote or read here. Would you?</p>

<p>well first semester senior year grades would be deemed more significant in the admissions process, obviously. I have never heard of anyone getting more scholarship money because of their second semester report card.</p>