Senior Year Grades

<p>What senior year grades must we maintain to avoid getting our acceptance rescinded?</p>

<p>to add to that...does Duke only look at final semester grades or 9 weeks grades as well.</p>

<p>They're never very concrete on issues like these. The de facto policy around CC is to try to stay above the C level. However, I don't think a C or two will kill you if they're in AP classes unrelated to your intended major or something like that. </p>

<p>My WashU letter reads, "Our experience has shown that students who remain academically engaged through the conclusion of their senior year adjust more readily when they enroll at Washington University. Your admission to the University is, therefore, contingent upon the successful completion of your senior year. We would like to see your academic performance continue at the same level of excellence you have exhibited up to this point. You must also complete the classes in which you are currently enrolled. Please be sure to send us final transcripts when they are available."</p>

<p>so...take what you can from that. It's probably a similar policy at Duke.</p>

<p>To eulalia: One had to, of course, send in their Midyear Report that included their 7th semester grades. In addition, I believe that Duke, as most other schools, will want one's final transcript (8th semester grades included). I don't believe they want any sort of 3rd quarter update, though.</p>

<p>i heard at Duke they reevaluate your app if you got a C in second semester. can anyone back this up?</p>

<p>Last year, I had about 4 A's and 2 B's both semesters but only took 3 APs.
This year, first semester, I'm taking 5 APs (1 A, 3 B's, 1 C) and Wind Ensemble (A). I have a weighted 4.0 this year and had around a weighted 4.2 last year. Is this grounds for rescinding or is it valid that my grade may drop a little because I'm challenging myself with such a tough course load?</p>

<p>i got in ED, and the letter says FINAL report they will reevaluate if u have a c. but its common that poeple will have a c and they wont rescind u</p>

<p>so its mainly if you have multiple Cs? it seems pretty strict to be rescinded for 1 C. Can you call them (assuming you get accepted) and explain your situation to them...or would that be unadvisable?</p>

<p>nmehta4, from what I remember from my friends ED letter, it says they will reevaluate you if you have less than a c.</p>

<p>my mistake</p>

The Admissions Office routinely reevaluates the application of every accepted student who received a grade of C or lower in his/her final semester.


<p>It says "C or lower" on ED final school report</p>

<p>RD last year's letter said if you have a C or lower they will reevaluate your app. Just keep your grades in the A/B range; it's not THAT hard to do - you've been doing it all your life...</p>