Senior Year Grades

<p>Hey everyone, I had just had a quick question about senior year grades. My guidance counselor/ latin teacher told my class that our senior year grades don't even get to our applied schools by decision time, only after acceptances to make sure grades haven't totally tanked. I found that to be odd because our first quarter ends around november, so besides EA/ED choices, wouldn't RD colleges at least get 1st quarter of senior year at decision time?</p>

<p>Your senior year grades are important. You send in your schedule and your first semester transcript. Your second semester transcript is also important- if they drop drastically your acceptance can get rescinded. </p>

<p>It's good that you're asking another source. I've had personal experience with school counselors, and sometimes they give HORRENDOUS advice.</p>

<p>Colleges <em>may</em> not get grades in time, but they usually do get them. First quarter grades are usually available for ED/EA, and first semester grades are usually available for RD.</p>