Senior year schedule help!

<p>Alright so we're picking classes, and I'm unsure about a couple things. </p>

<p>Here is my schedule as of now:
AP Lit/comp
AP Calc BC
AP Biology
AP Spanish
Social Science Survey

<p>I have one open period, so that's where my first question comes in. I have no idea what to take. I'm busting my butt right now, literally doing homework all day, and I don't want my senior year to be the same way. Should I just take 8th period off and leave early, or does that look bad? (I plan on finding a job this summer and continuing working.) right now I'm thinking possibly anatomy and physiology? although taking a regular class would drop my weighted GPA... I have a 4.78 right now. </p>

<p>And my second question:
I'm not a big fan of history/government, so I've decided not to take AP gov/econ. However, now I'm stuck between taking intro to gov/econ or the survey class I picked. Most people take survey for the requirement, and its basically gov/econ plus anthropology and sociology, probably a bit easier... But I figure since both are regular level classes, why not just go with survey? Would gov look better to colleges? Right now I'm thinking somewhere like UNC chapel hill.</p>