senior year schedule

<p>Im a junior in high school right now and I just got my senior year schedule form and I was wondering what classes i should take (I have a general feel.) My gpa is a 3.7 (dropped from 3.8 b/c of first semester junior slacking, will do better second semester foshure!).
The classes I am almost certain I will be taking:</p>

<p>AP BC Calc
AP Physics C
AP Chemistry
Hon. English 12</p>

<p>I still have 2 courses to fill up (3 if I dont want a lunch) and i am deciding between
AP Stat, AP Mac/micro, AP CP, EDD (last PLTW course), Comp Program I or Aerospace engineering.</p>

<p>Questions on AP self study: If I wanted to start self studying for the easiest AP exam this May, which one should I choose (supposedly Environ, Human Geo, Psyc) only one, and then senior year do another one?</p>

<p>Bump10charbump please reply</p>

<p>Aerospace engineering sounds really fun. I would take that class. Since it's your senior, enjoy yourself a little. </p>

<p>Not to many people at my school self-study AP courses. But I can give you a little information on your choices. AP Environmental Science is nothing but reading assingments and projects when you take the class. Some of the information is a little common sense, but it's very interesting. </p>

<p>My brother is taking AP Human Geography now, and he says it's a lot of reading, and there's a chapter in his book all about AIDS. It's really fun to look at how humans affect the people around us and etc.</p>

<p>AP Psyc is very mysterious in a way, and one of my friends self-studied this and she said that it was very easy and she got a 5 on the exam. I think you should only self-study if you think you have time on your hands. I wouldn't over do it. It looks like you have a pretty tough schedule good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks. I feel comfortable with Physics and Calc since I do the real nerdy thing and look up stuff that 2nd year college differentials covers while im still in precalc.
Im starting AP Human now since im in Ap world, set aside 30-45min a night, probably after robotics.
I don't know if my school will accept starting Aerospace because of staffing but maybe it will go through</p>

<p>ok. So I still can't decide on my last two courses.
AP Pysch
or AP Stat
I decided to self APES this year. none next year
btw i am interested in engineering if that helps?</p>

<p>Okay I've received more information. The AP Statistics & Probability teacher said that AP Stats will help you in the long run. The information is useful in any career. But, engineering is a career that requires calculus and heavy science like physics. So it looks like you're on the right track. I don't know what type of engineer you would like to be, but you should really take Aerospace Engineering to introduce you to the career a bit. My school has a Engineering academy and it really is useful because you explore different kinds of engineering and you have a strict course load to follow. Also these students can apply for a John Hopkins summer engineering program that is hosted at my school, where professors will teach you the math and the skills needed to become an engineer. It's a really hard summer course and if you pass the class, you'll get college. credit at John Hopkins.</p>