Senior Year Schedule

<p>I can not decide whether to take AP Psych or AP Stats.
The classes I plan on taking my senior year are:
1. AP Physics
2. AP Calculus BC
3. AP Literature
4. AP Psych or AP Stats
5. Chemistry
6. Government
Which class would be easier? Which class will look better? Also, would it be manageable if I take AP Chemistry with this schedule? Will the class be to difficult? I can take a chemistry class at a community right now, so I can be eligible to take it my senior year. Thanks for the advice.</p>

<p>I can't judge which is easier / looks better, or if you should go to the trouble to take AP chem instead of regular chem. You have a rigorous schedule already, and neither of those classes is required for anything. Take whatever interests you most, and go for AP chem if you really love chemistry. </p>

<p>Good luck, and don't stress. :)</p>

<p>Take ap psych! With physics and calc you might overload on math. I also think you should go ahead and take ap chem. And if not take ap gov because that is an incredibly easy class</p>