Senior year schedule

<p>Does the rigor or your senior year schedule count for UCF? can the rigor of those classes help u get admitted? Cuz im taking a bunchhh of honor courses..and im wondering if admission officers take that into consideration before making a decision..?</p>

<p>We were told that they do look at the rigor of your senior year. And, if you happen to be a borderline candidate, they will look at your 7th semester final grades in those classes. So doing well in those honors classes would be a great thing. :)</p>


<p>On the application, there is a section where they ask what your senior schedule is, so I imagine they do look at it. It's probably something they look at more if you are a borderline student. As zebes said, try your best your senior year! You never know if it could be a make it or break it factor. </p>

<p>Another tip: Apply EARLY! The earlier you apply, the quicker you will know if you got in or not. I applied a few weeks after they started looking at apps and they had my acceptance letter online in under 2 weeks. </p>

<p>Good luck :)</p>

<p>I just wanted to re-iterate what SingAnnaSing said.... APPLY AS EARLY AS YOU CAN! If you apply early, your chances of getting in are increased dramatically. Don't wait till it's too late.</p>

<p>thanks guys..when do u guys think i should apply? i have a 3.5 academic gpa, 3.4 unweighted and a 3.8 weighted. involved in a lot of clubs, 250+ service hours..but i got a 19 on my act..though im taking it again on september im still afraid its gonna hurt my chances of getting in really bad :( im thinking of applying on mid september/ early october..wat do u guys think?</p>

<p>Your gpa and extra curriculars/service hours are great! Your ACT score will definitely hurt you though...I would wait until you get your scores back to apply if you want in for Fall 2011. The ACT generally gets you your scores back fairly quickly so you should be able to apply by mid October-Novemberish, which should still be early enough. If you apply with that score they will either deny you, defer you for summer, or defer you and ask you to retake the ACT/SAT. I'm not sure exactly how the deferment thing works, but I'm sure someone on here does! </p>

<p>They say to apply September-November of your senior year to be safe so I'm thinking you should be good if you wait for your scores. Study and prepare for your ACT! Good luck!! :)</p>

<p>Pretty much do what SingAnnaSing suggested. Your GPA and community service is solid and definitely where you want it to be but your ACT could go up some more. Try retaking it and aim for the low 20's. Worse case scenario is that even then they still may only offer you Summer 2011, which you can choose to accept or decline depending on how badly you want to go to UCF. If you get in the mid 20s you probably will be just fine for Fall 2011.</p>

<p>thanks for the advice guys! and yeah i am hoping to get in for Summer 2011 since its easier to get in for summer andddd cuz i reallyyyyy want to go to UCF :) so well see what happens :)</p>