Senior Year Scheduling

Right now I am in my junior year. I am deciding if I should take a foreign language course in senior year (total 4 years), or drop foreign language due to my low interest in it. Currently I am self studying for AP Stat, but have the alternate option cancel it and to take it as a class in place of foreign language in senior year (for me it would be in place of AP Spanish Literature). What should I do? Is taking 4 years of foreign language (the last year being an AP) more important than doing 3 years instead and taking a class that I am interested in senior year? Is taking the class a much better option when it is available than self studying? Any input would be nice.

Are you in AP Spanish Language now? Completion of AP will satisfy every single college. AP Spanish Lit is for diehards - heritage speakers and potential Spanish or comp lit majors. For anyone else, it’s like AP English Lit on steroids and in Spanish and with more works to analyze.

Yeah I’m in AP Spanish Lang right now. In that case, if reaching the AP world level is satisfactory then I might opt to take Stat as a class next year.

Good idea. Because to answer your other question:

100% of the time.

Isn’t AP Spanish Lang considered “year 4” of foreign language, even if you haven’t taken four actual years of Spanish in high school? And AP Spanish Lit (love the description, @skieurope, sounds legit) considered “year 5”?