Senior Year Science Courses

Just wanted some advice thoughts please for those who have or will apply for Nursing.

My D22 has taken H Physical Science, Honors Bio, Honors Chem, AP Bio and for her senior year was planning on Advanced Anatomy & Physiology.

One of her schools of interest admission info says 2 years of chemistry is recommended when possible.

The AP chem teacher in her school is incredibly challenging and it is only offered one period which overlaps meaning she couldn’t also take A&P.

I wonder if because so few high schools offer a rigorous A&P course if it would be equally valued or if she should drop this idea and do AP Chem. (Which I am not sure I could convince her anyway)

Any opinions on this?

D21 was recently accepted into many excellent nursing programs. She is taking AP Bio and Anatomy/physiology. This combo was recommended during several college information sessions. Hope that helps.

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Take Adv AP.

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How do her stats line up for acceptance with the one college that suggests 2 yrs of chemistry? Is that her first choice at this point? I would also suggest A&P. Do any of her schools require physics?

I would say that this is a top runner for her, yes. We tossed around college prep Physics as an add on also. None seem to require that. Just 4 years, and 2 labs.

Next year she is planning:
AP Gov
AP Calc AB
Advanced A&P
Honors English
Stats (College prep, 1 semester)
Gym (graduation req. 1 semester)
Intro to Nursing (virtual, but in school period)

She could drop the Intro to Nursing for another credit but I think this is actually useful for her

Have you looked at who gives the Intro to Nursing course and what it covers? I think I would have to know more about this, but not sure it is necessary, especially if it is online. Also, does she have A’s in her bio and chem courses? A&P will be repeated in college, but the course is a definite plus.

Thanks for the feedback. This is from the Education Planning Guide:

“This two semester course introduces students to the field of nursing. In the first semester, students will learn about the history and evolution of nursing, education and licensure requirements, career path options, and nursing responsibilities. Students will also focus on foundational information such as basic anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, first aid, and disease prevention.
In semester two, students will examine various nursing theories, as well as focus on the nursing process, including assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options. Students will also learn about professional and legal standards and ethics. Additional skills of communication, teaching, time and stress management, patient safety, crisis management will be included.”

I don’t think this class is a heavy lift, or particularly rigorous but I do think it will provide a good intro for her to make sure she is really interested in studying nursing, and as a career.

And, yes she has all A’s in all her courses.

Those A’s are fantastic! That puts her in a great spot for admission. The nursing course looks like a solid introduction and will offer her insight into nursing.