senior year transfer from german/american business school

<p>Hi I have about 100 credits from an american sisters college in Berlin, Germany. I participated in an internship and got hired in Los Angeles, California. Now that id like to obviously stay here i was wondering if i could get my Degree somewhere here? I realize that some of my courses probably wont transfer but id just like to know which schools would probably take most. On top of that my grades really werent that great. I was also working fulltime in germany.. my overall gpa is around 2.1 and my major ( it was a business school and i did bad in math courses) was below around 1.9. is it possible to switch majors still? Alot of my courses that i did well in could be used for a differnt major as well such as marketing or communication. I am totally clueless and dont really know where to turn for help as i am also just overloaded with work.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for any answers.</p>