Senior Year Worries

I am a senior in high school right now and I haven’t been able to take the SAT or ACT since they have been cancelled in my area. I have signed up for one of the upcoming ones but it seems as though because of the Coronavirus testing centers may stay closed for this semester. Will this affect my chances of getting into a BS/MD program when I’ll be applying? I have done about 150 hours of volunteer work at my urgent care and have done a mentorship under my local hospital’s residences. I also have plans on doing an online internship later on this year and have made cards for the workers who are on the frontlines. I am a member of CSF, HOSA, Academy of Health Sciences, and STEM; I plan on running for secretary for CSF and STEM this year. My weighted GPA is a 4.10 while unweighted it is a 3.93; which is an estimate.

@moonflower - Take a deep breath :slight_smile: Many students in the HS Class of 2021 (I hear numbers in excess of 50% - but unsure if accurate) have not been able to sit for either the ACT or SAT, so you are not alone. Colleges are VERY aware this is an issue and making adjustments to their admission process. Keep current on the ACT and SAT websites and ideally take some mock tests to figure out if one or the other works best to your strengths. Keep prepping for the test and sign up immediately when registration opens. If tests happen in the fall - be ready - if not, colleges will know this and will continue to make changes to their admission requirements for the Class of 2021.

Sounds like you are very organized, bright and volunteer in areas of interests - all wonderful things for a strong application.

Do what you control right now - start working on your Common Application essay, begin gathering information and set up your Common App account, attend online tours of schools and make a balanced list that meets your family’s financial situation and a range of schools for your program of interest. The test is only one part of your application and work as hard in the other areas. Good Luck !