Senior Yearbook

<p>Anyone have any good ideas for senior wills and senior quotes? I'm open to any suggestions.</p>

<p>What are senior wills?</p>

<p>quote could be, "Four more years bitches!"</p>

<p>Hmmm... we don't have quotes but you can buy pages in the back of the book(for $250 a page.... isn't that extremely high??!?!) and mine like this:</p>

<p>(try to picture)</p>

<p>In the background there are various significant(to me) quotes from people from Cicero to my math teacher and those are all in a light gray, varying font. Then I have my name huge over the top of that with a distorted picture of myself off to the corner which is transparent so you can still see the quotes below.</p>

<p>Then my parents wrote some BS thing about how they are proud---- proud?!?! what is that even worth these days?!?! (j/k to the parents that read this)</p>

<p>Most people just put a few pics of themselves and their friends, but I'm like, hey, if I have to spend all that money it isn't going to look like crap.</p>

<p>The pages in my yearbook cost $495, so really, $250 isn't so bad.
Although, those are additional pages, because each senior has his/her own page already.</p>

<p>Well, if you don't pay that $250 you get nothing- no quote, no page, nothing except for a picture if you're lucky! </p>

<p>How much are your yearbooks? Ours are $100 and are full color with about 250 pages.</p>

<p>we pay about $300 for full page. anyways, what should i put as a quote or will???? anyone????</p>

<p>Our yearbooks are included in tuition (private school) but we only have like ten color pages.</p>

<p>Yearbook Quote:</p>

<p>"Help! Trapped in Yearbook Factory! Send Help!"</p>

<p>lol ok...
On my page I just have pictures, some quotes from books and a poem by e.e.cummings.</p>

<p>$495 :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: you're getting ripped off buddy. </p>

<p>holy crap!!! our yearbooks are $$25$$. they're not crappy but people dont get their own page. personally i think they're prety cool, i do wish every person had their own quote though. there's around 600 people in each grade so if each person had their own page plus the tons and tons and tons of clubs and sports we have we would need around two to three volumes of yearbooks for each year.</p>

<p>$495!!!! intresting to know that people are willing to pay $400 dollars for a pice of paper but if it came to paying $400 for a tree to save it most would be like, psshhh.</p>


<p>We are allowed senior quotes underneath our photographs in our yearbook. Mine was:</p>

<p>"Give me a lever long enough... and I shall move the world" - Archimedes</p>

<p>And our senior wills come out on paper separately at the end of school.</p>

<p>i cant believe it costs so much for your yearbooks! ours is nothing, and your amount of senior pages depend on how many people you do it with. 2 people get 1 page, 4 get 2, etc. Now that I think about it, your prices arent as unreasonable as our $25,000 tuition. thats the real madness.</p>

<p>our yearbook allows us to enter a quote and a senior will under our pics. can ppl stop skrewing around about the price for a page!!! i just want to know some good quotes/wills. im not buying a page, nor am i paying for the quotes. please, just reply with quotes or wills. </p>

<p>thanks you</p>

<li>thank you</li>

<p>-wow that made me look smart</p>

<p>we are allowed 1/2 page for free, we get our own pics and we can write no more than 200 words. I think that's a little better than 495 words for a page. You can buy a really crappy, but driveable car for that much money.</p>

<p>filmxoxo, our tuition is around that range too, $27,000 I believe. And the $495 I'm talking about is for extra pages, every senior gets a page no matter what (without paying extra).</p>

<p>sorry for not helping, gh0st, I can't think of anything =/</p>

<p>how bout our famous Mark Twain's "Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing, it was here first."</p>

<p>What are senior wills? I don't know what they are so it's hard to give advice on what to say.</p>

<p>ours is included in our tutiton. i think it costs around 70 dollars. its mostly black and white photos but a lot of hardwork goes into it and it always come out nice.</p>